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Reinstatement Services for Businesses

Reinstatement Services for Businesses

Reinstatement Services For Businesses

There is always have a period when you need to reinstate your office and handover to your landlord or upgrade to a new office.

Regardless to the reason of lease end or moving to new office or space, you may need a contractor to reinstate the existing business place and comply to the management or landlord requirement.

Other than clear and pack all your goods, stuff and office furniture, there are many others consideration and things to be done when you are reinstate your existing office/ warehouse/ shops etc.

Basic Reinstatement Services

The common reinstatement services may include such as below:

  • Hacking and demolition of all temporary drywall and block wall that build from the original
  • Dismantle and removal of ceiling/ false ceiling
  • Terminate and removal of aircon, electrical work, SCV, CCTV points etc.
  • Reinstate the sprinkle piping including necessary testing and commissioning.
  • Remove the floor finishes eg. floor tiles, carpet, vinyl tiles or floor coating.
  • Removal or reinstate the main door, glass door etc.
  • Construct temporary hoarding and protection when to carry out the reinstatement work
  • Making good floor and wall finishes
  • Repainting of existing wall and ceiling

Every management and client may have different set of reinstatement guideline and precondition requirement when talk about hand over.  In most cases, the reinstatement contractor when provide the such services shall equip with necessary standard, experience and be able to provide necessary construction and making good work.

We are mostly serve many type of client and cross over different type of reinstatement condition of property such as :

  • Restaurant
  • Offices
  • Residential house
  • Factory
  • Show flat
  • Shopping mall kiosk
  • Warehouse
  • HDB shop
  • F&B outlet
  • JTC/ Mapletree Office/ warehouse

Why Choose Us?

As most of reinstatement work is done in short period and not much time to waste for re-work, therefore the experience contractor that be able to perform the good work of reinstatement work is become crucial and necessary. The unforeseen circumstances should be able to discuss closely with our customer.

We believe in providing reasonable price with compliance standard and manage the work professionally for our client.


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Reinstatement Services For Businesses

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