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Retail Shop Reinstatement

Retail Shop Reinstatement

Facing the lease is ended and required to move out your retail shop? If you are looking for a contractor and specialise in retail shop reinstatement to take care of your dismantling, hacking, disposal and reinstate back your shop to original condition as per your landlord or management requirement.

To return your shop within your contract in the tenancy agreement and yet to follow the rules and regulation of the management or mall’s facility management.

What to Reinstate ?

Would like to find out the most common reinstatement for retail shop? Click here :

Following are the some example :

  • demolition, remove and disposal of  ceiling and partition
  • removal and disposal of build-in fixtures
  • erection of shop front hoarding to management standard
  • dismantle and disposal of roller shutter
  • reinstatement the floor and ceiling
  • etc.

Need Fast and Short Notice for your Shop Reinstatement

The time given for retail demolition and reinstatement always short. In some  shopping place near high cloud and MRT station, the working hour can only start after 11 am. and only allow to work for few hours with protection before work and cleaning or housekeeping after work. The short notice period and logistic issues always is a key of challenges.

retail shop reinstatement work


We understand the constraint and always work closely with the mall’s management and complete the reinstatement as soonest we can.

How Much the Cost for Retail Shop Reinstatement ?

Despite depend on the size of your retail shop, there are other factors to determine the cost of retail shop such as the extensive of the fit out decoration, the extend of floor hacking, quantities of fire sprinkle relocation, additional requirement of mall request or to make good the alteration made due for your shop renovation etc.. To get a quote for your retail shop? Just drop us a line, we will arrange people for inspection without obligation.

Time to Talk to Us?

Every retail shop is different and no different to the shopping mall. With experience and skill workers that familiar with the requirement and standard, the completion process will be more easier when compare with other.

Talk to us and see how we could help you and assist in getting your shop return and reinstate in the good shape.

Don’t look other, just call us and we handle the rest.

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Others Reinstatement Work that we provided :

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  • Restaurant Reinstatement
  • Warehouse Reinstatement
  • HDB Shop Reinstatement
  • Shopping Mall Reinstatement
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Our recent work :

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  • The Paragon, 112 Orchard Road
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