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Office Reinstatement Work

Office Reinstatement Work

If you are intended to move out or relocate your office premises due to office lease has been expired, or relocate to your new office space, you may need a contractor that familiar with office reinstatement work. Best still, if he also can renovate your new office.

Can Mover do the Office Reinstatement Work?

Most of people will look for a move to pack and transfer their stuff to the new premises, and some movers are also be able to assist on providing some minor dismantling, disposal and general painting job too. However, the mover may not able to handle a more complicated hacking, demolition, reinstatement work and relocation back the architecture and mechanical ventilation items. As they may not know the proper construction detail and best practices and most of time they are sub-contract out to another company too.

What are the Common Office Reinstatement Work

Every business operation may have different function and needs when they done up the renovation on the lease office. In some cases, they are wall to be demolished and added a lot of partition, glazing and rooms. The extend of reinstatement is not restricted to  hacking, demolition, relocation and termination work, it is also include the installation back original structure, feature and fixtures that handed over to the tenant.

Below are the common items of office reinstatement work involved :

  • removal of temporary drywall partition and false ceiling.
  • reinstate, realignment and replace damaged ceiling board
  • hacking and removal of laying floor finishes such as tiles, vinyl, carpets, cement screed etc.
  • demolish, hacking away block wall, concrete feature, vanity and other minor structure work.
  • grinding off existing epoxy painting on floor.
  • Termination of removal of wiring, cables, trunking for lighting, power points, data points.
  • Relocate and reinstall the original lighting and power points
  • removal and disposal of office furniture, chairs, built-in cabinets, fixtures etc.
  • Dismantle, removal and disposal of doors, windows and curtain/blinds
  • remove air-conditioning unit and compressor, relocate the air-con diffusers ducting
  • termination and relocate plumbing and sanitary items
  • relocate and reinstate fire sprinkle points
  • Paint and repainting to the wall and ceiling
  • Etc.

Process of Reinstatement Work :

  • Call us for quotation
  • Provide information of office layout, existing renovated shop drawings and reinstatement requirement from the landlord or management.
  • Arrange for a site visit to identify the extends of works, site access, client requirement, repair work needed etc.
  • Provide a quotation and acceptance
  • Submit necessary documents for the client/ management approval
  • Prepare material and resources to complete the reinstatement work

Why Need an Experience Reinstatement Contractor ?

The reinstatement work is look easy in surface, but are procedures to be followed, risk assessment to be reviewed, coordination of the work, correct repair/ reinstatement of the work being modified etc. Most of the time available for the reinstatement work may not be luxury and you also do not want to “try” and ” depend on your luck” to get non-experience or not specialist reinstatement contractor to handle your case. It may end up in delay, delivery with substandard work and  affect the handover date and have to pay for the penalty.

  • Office Reinstatement Work

The cost of Reinstatement Work

There are no fix unit rate for office reinstatement work. The cost of job may varies from the size of reinstatement work, the location of office, extends of material to be removed and disposal etc.

A site visit and follow with formal quotation to ensure the rate of repair and reinstatement work is reasonable allowed for within market rate.

Moving of  Old to new Office

If you are intend to reinstate the office and move to a new office, which is require to shift the office and return partial or full office. We can assist that too.

We assist our client on the process of minor renovation and reinstatement work on the both office is needed. Tell us your reuqirement.

Ready to Talk?

Time is always a major concern on reinstatement work.  We will help and assist to get the job done and even 24 hours work to rush up for you if it is in special request. Talk to our sales person, we will meet up on your premises and provide you with a reasonable price.

You focus on your main business, and let us take care about the reinstatement work.



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Office Reinstatement Work

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