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Reinstatement Painting Work

Reinstatement Painting Work

Need a reinstatement painting contractor as you have decided to relocate your business, shop, office or rented house and looking for someone to repaint the lease unit with new coat of paint as part of tenancy agreement. We can help you that.

Mover Not able to do reinstatement painting?

When you have clear up you premises and need to hand over the place, yet need a painting work to be done?

Mover might not be able take care of your repaint work, if your lease unit required to make good, reinstate some wall or ceiling, different type of finishes and fixtures as they may not specialize in reinstatement work or painting work.

There are wall and ceiling which is too high and it need to be work on scaffolding and/or scissor lift. Only experience painter be able to handle it. Some external facade which is also part of reinstatement contract in the lease agreement. Do check it out your tenancy requirement.

After your have clean and clear your lease unit, the empty lease unit may need to reinstate, repair and repaint in original condition prior to over back to the landlord or facility management. We can help you that.


Need only Painting and No other Reinstatement Work

Your office may be only perform light renovation last time, after removal of all your stuff by the mover and realise that only repainting work is needed. You just need a painter to take care off minor reinstatement work, call us. We will take care the rest and provide you with a new paint as required.

Who we are

Our painter is not only specialise in reinstatement work, but there also actively undertake residential and commercial painting and repainting  project and servicing client over over the area of Singapore.

Here are the some painting job undertaken by our experience painters.

  • HDB- new painting, reinstatement and repainting work
  • Apartment & condominium
  • Semi-D and bungalows  – Whole house or exterior painting
  • Commercial –  new office, reinstatement painting and maintenance work
  • Industrial building – refurbishment, new and repainting work
  • government project – Linkway, school, LTA etc.

If you need more information on type of painting and repainting services, you can click the heading below and we will provide you more in-depth and detail painting services that provided by us.

We are not purely a contractor that provide the painting work, we always provide consultation and solutions for all kind of renovation issues with client. The best construction partner you can trust!

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If you would like know more about other type of reinstatement painting services, we do provide other related painting services like :

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