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Reinstatement work for Learning Centre at HDB Premises

Reinstatement work for Learning Centre at HDB Premises

Reinstatement Work At HDB Premises

A recent work done to dismantle and reinstate the existing learning centre which is occupied on the basement of the HDB premises which is located the west of Singapore.

As the client has been renovated the existing premises with room partition for the learning centre and the floor are fully ceramic tile on the existing concrete floor with epoxy coating. The major work are inclusive to remove all the drywall partition for the class room, store and hacking off the existing floor tiles .

The major and challenge work are to reinstate the existing floor to be re-coated with epoxy paint with shorten time. We had to re-cement screed to smooth in gradient and apply the selected epoxy coating.

Most of the reinstatement work is basically restore the existing shop, warehouse or office in original condition. Any temporary work and finishes has been added, installed and laid will need to be removed and make good.  Along the way, many client has been added a lot for items such as CCTV, SCV point, metal grilles and even the signages are required to be removed and make good.

Reinstatement Work at HDB

The requirement of the reinstatement for this project is different from private landlords, as HDB may require to ensure all the existing modification are to complied with SCDF requirement such as the sink tap point and fire rated doors etc.

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We welcome all the enquiry for reinstatement work require with no obligation quote and site visit. We are able to provide one stop reinstatement work, from hacking and dismantling, movers services, construction work or even only painting work. Talk to us today.




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Reinstatement Work At HDB

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