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Find Reinstatement Specialists

Find Reinstatement Specialists

Find Reinstatement Specialists

That’s always  challenge when  you need to find a specialists to get a job done in Singapore.

Take an example of the reinstatement work for your office/ shop/ house/ commercial property. There are many company are providing general services and helping to get rids of the stuff and empty your unit. Due to tight schedule and urgent timing to handover the unit, there are many unforeseen work to be done after the unit to be empty or demolished the temporary fixtures.

It might look like easy job to just dismantling and demolition work in a surface, but there are many things need to establish and pre-apmt prior the reinstatement work.

  1. By removing of the temporary drywall, glass partition or fixtures of shelving on the existing tiles finishes on wall or floor, there will be holes and wall plug embedded into the tiles. In most cases, the landlord is accepted by patching up the holes with colour grout or cement, unless the tiles are cracked or damaged. If in the cases of the tile replacement, do ensure you may have the spare tiles to match existing or it has been discussed to accept the different tonality and size/ texture due to availability which is considered a additional work.
  2.  Termination of the electrical work such as lighting, power points, aircon isolators is always done on the sub-db near the meter reading. In the case of master DB and unit sub-db, the comment area and unit power supply is separated, the termination will need to carefully trace and terminated correctly.  For some industrial property, the individual unit is required to remove the power sources from the main building riser on each floor instead of the individual unit, the work may extended from the unit via the common corridor to the nearest electrical riser or plant room.
  3. Reinstatement of toilets. In common term of condition, all the existing toilet sanitary are required to ensure it is remained functioning. The WC cistern is workable, the sink tap is able to flushing water without leaking. Any damage or missing items shall be itemised and price individually for the accessories. If the landlord is requesting to replace the new sanitary wares after your lease of tenancy, it should be discussed separately or in advance. Example, replace new WC, basin, mirror or even a bathroom partition door are deemed to re-construction of toilet instead of reinstatement.
  4. List is keep on going.

Duties of Reinstatement Specialist

The reinstatement specialist duties is not restricted to only on removal and dismantling work. It should be able to advise the client the extend of the work that should be done, pre-empt the possible unforeseen cases, advise what is the best approach to discuss with your landlord, minimise the reinstatement or making good cost for client etc.

If you are just needed to get rid of existing furnitures, movers can do the job, removal of the signages, the sign contractor can help you that, if you need to repaint the unit, most of painter can get it done for you. However, if you need all rounded  things to get it done from removal, make good, shifting stuff, removal of kitchen, repair different types of finishes, you may need to consider an experience reinstatement specialist that be able to help you to get job within a short period. Discuss you constraint and get a specialist that really know their work to hand over your property in hassle free.

Why Choose Us?

We had helping many businesses and private owner to reinstatement the premises and advise the most economical way and complete the handover processes. We are able to provide professional advise and delivery the shortest ( subject to type of work that non customise replacement) period to help client saving on rental cost and reinstatement job.

We believe in providing reasonable price with compliance standard and manage the work professionally for our client. Call us for non-obligation quote.


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