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Plastering Uneven and Rockstone Wall or Ceiling

Plastering Uneven and Rockstone Wall or Ceiling

Plastering Uneven and Rockstone Wall or Ceiling

Most of house owner in Singapore will consider to re-plastering the existing wall or ceiling to be smooth and even when they purchase a resale flat and house.

Due to aging of the house, some existing wall plaster may be damaged due to scratches, uneven wall plaster ( especially hdb flat that 30 years back), existing wall sprayed with rock-stone texture,  spray texture etc. In some cases, if the wall is damage due to dampness or water seepage, your wall plaster or paint may be debonded or peeling off. The serious situation will be spalling concrete when the concrete slab is contact with water and the existing reinforced bars are corroded and expansion and caused the concrete spall and fall off if serious.


Replastering of Existing Wall

The existing uneven or texture wall can be replastering and make it smooth and even before painting. However, the home owner shall be aware that if the existing block wall or concrete wall is not straight and lean, the re-plastering with putty may not be a good job. The smoothing up the wall with putty cement may only apply not more than 5 mm thick, any curve, bend, waving or curved wall which is more than  5mm may not provide you a straight wall or ceiling. The putty application can only help to smoothen the wall not align the wall or ceiling.

Alternatively, you may the choice of following :

  • Hack off the existing plastering and re-plaster the wall with cement plaster with level pack straight to wall and ceiling.
  • Enlarge the wall with new block wall and re-straight line with new cement plaster.
  • For ceiling, you may use gypsum board to alight and re-flat the surface.


Re-plastering the existing Texture wall

To replaster the existing spray texture wall and ceiling like rockstone finish, the old and damaged ( peeling off) paint shall be removed and clean before painting. Shall we remove all the existing paint? Not necessary,  as the good based texture paint can do the job to cover some existing uneven wall and the new wall putty or stopping compound can be over coat.

For the external wall than facing to weather especially with fair-face brick externally, if the wall has been badly damp, to replaster, the existing wall paint is advised to remove and re-plaster with cement base easy plaster.

spalling concrete

Repair the spalling concrete ceiling

The spalling concrete is commonly found  when your building is aging more than 10 years and the concrete slab is damaged due to seepage of water and dampness. The commonly spotted area is concrete ceiling above the kitchen, toilets, balcony and wet area.

To repair the concrete ceiling, the above water seepage issue is advised to be resolved and repaired before you perform the repairing below the ceiling with suitable repair cement or repair the damaged reinforced bars before covered up. All loose concrete shall be hack and removed, corroded reinforced bar shall be cleaned treated. If the rebars area is less than 15% from the original size, additional reinforced bars shall be added and jointed to existing to reinforced it. The work shall be carried out by trained contractor and shall not cover up without inspection.

If your existing wall and ceiling where need it to be replastering and smoothen it before painting, you can call us for non-obligation site inspection and quotation in Singapore.

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Plastering Uneven and Rockstone Wall or Ceiling

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