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Bathroom Ideas Renovation

Bathroom Ideas Renovation

Bathroom Ideas Renovation

Making a feature bathroom and unique renovation may inspire some home owner.  Thinking to have  hotel like bathroom may not be so inspired as they are so common and easily being build by most of development or even studio package when you purchase from the developer in Singapore. Or instead you carry out your own renovation for the bathroom?

As bathroom is always a most visited place after the living, kitchen or bedroom, of course for the visitor to visit your powder room and provide a refreshing feel when have a chance to use it.

With as little as a 2 m2 space area and yet still need to equipped with shower point, WC, wash basin and even the vanity cabinet, mirror and some feature can be quite a challenge. The major space of the bathroom will be the floor and wall finishes and it would be the major player for the decoration themes.

Bathroom Ideas Renovation

Choose the right finishes like marble, granite, homogeneous and even a pebble stone finishes will give you a different feel when you use it.  If this is an old bathroom and the services is exposed, you still can consider to redress easily if your going for rustic or industrial look themes.

Is Pebble Wash Finish Suitable for the Shower area ?

It look good when the wall or floor is lay with pebble wash finish as well the rough texture to provide good resistance for slipping. However, there are short fall when using the pebble wash in the shower area where there is always contact with water and high maintenance area to prevent trapping of dirt and soap over time. The worst is when part of pebbles are falling off over time or crack line appear after high impact may results in damages of the finishes.

If you are in favour to get your shower area to be pebble wash finish, you may consider to use ” tile slab pebble wash”. The lookalike pebble wash has been form in a tile slab and can just lay like normal tile laying. The below is the sample of tile slab’s pebble wash.

Pebble wash finish in slab tile

Pebble wash finish in slab tile

Sanitary Ware in Bathroom

Don’t forget the lighting in your bathroom too. Concealed Light box for at the mirror, edge of ceiling instead of down light can tone down the luminaries and create a soften atmosphere for bathroom.


If you have bigger bathroom space to play with, types of sanitary wares, mixer and shower points to bland with the design will be come the main focus on the room. Balance between functionality and decorative aesthetics can be discussed easily with your builder  and designer. The constraint is always the availability of the sanitary wares and the on-site space constraint.

Is the bathroom suitable not to lay any tile?

The purpose of tile is not only decorate and enhance the space but also can help to protect the wall and floor for damages due to high moisture area. The glazed finish can help for easy cleaning by washing or brushing compare to the cement rendering. If the raw cement rendering finish to bring up the industrial look design, to consider it only to your dry bathroom. For the shower area, you can opt for laying mosaic tile for homogeneous tile to create the combination  and form a feature wall instead.

Industrial look bathroom

If you need more ideas of the tiling work such as marble/ granite flooring, pebble wash finishing, plastering or brickwork for your bathroom renovation or toilet remodeling work. Get a few links below to grab more ideas.

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Bathroom Ideas Renovation

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