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Need a Renovation Contractor ?

Need a Renovation Contractor ?

Need A Renovation Contractor ?

If you have a recent deals to purchase your resale HDB flat/ Condo/ Apartment for lower property price recently, you may want to refurbish your home with new look by a experience renovation contractor.

Basic Renovation & Improvement Work

Want just a basic renovation and new look for your premises may need some creativity and understanding how the minor improvement without incur higher cost. There are many area to look into on your renovation needs.

  • Basic and Natural Texture

More owner is now avoiding fancy wall papers, cladding up with glossy finishes, colorful texture on the wall or floor finishes. They are requesting renovation contractor to select rustic and raw material like cement finishes, fair-face brick texture, raw timber/ wooden finish and do not mind to provide clear varnish or paint to expose the basic and natural look of the material.

Some may adopt more modern finishes like use of PVC pipes/ strips, metal, aluminium or stainless steel/ brass steel to enhance the industrial design and experience. The basic and natural look may not reduce the classic look with focus on detailing.

Need a Renovation Contractor ?

  • Light and Bright Finishes for wall/ Ceiling

Do  not under estimate the wall and ceiling where it is a major coverage for the total area of renovation. The colour and type of finishes used may affect the atmosphere for your home. Ask your contractor to provide basic colour/ bright colour on the wall and ceiling.  Of course, you may select some feature wall with attention-grabbing colours on certain part of the wall/ ceiling.

Stream and straight line feature for your ceiling/ wall or even to skirting detail, can provide a clean and cozy focal point for your space.

  • Natural or Wooden floor finishes

Tired about common natural stones? You may choose industrial look cement screed finish or wooden surfaces such as parquet timber, engineered wood or choose the least expensive Vinyl tile finish for your floor finishes. Remind your contractor to ensure even floor finish prior to lay vinyl or wood finishes, of course, if you are on the ground floor, you may consider to get your builder to apply waterproofing or lay moisture barrier if you are laying of natural wooden floor.

woden vinyl

The different of natural and man-made wooden floor is maintenance and the cost. Talk to your contractor or supplier to have the best suit your budget yet providing the atmosphere.

  • Minimalist Tiling for Bathrooms & Kitchen

For the wet area such as bathroom and kitchen, to provide the tiling finishes is still most favorable as it is easy to maintenance and minimize the  damages due to high traffic/ activities. You may request your contractor to plaster and paint the wall with raw cement finishes, choose the grey/ white tiles to highlight the minimalist experience.  Rustic natural stone can be an alternative if budget is allowed, as it can  add as the feature wall and mixture of some metal trimming to enhance the themes.


Communication and talk to your builder and experience contractor whose can provide a most appropriate option after viewed your home layout and site constraint.

Talk to us if you need any assistance on your renovation needs in Singapore, we can provide full renovation needed for your improvement work to refresh your home without obligation.  We welcome North/ South/ East/ West or even Sentosa home owner.

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Need A Renovation Contractor ?

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