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Spalling Concrete Repair on Ceiling

Spalling Concrete Repair on Ceiling

Spalling Concrete Repair On Ceiling

What is Spalling Concrete ?

Most of people will not realize until the concrete surface is pop out and falling out from the ceiling or roof , that is a spalling concrete problem on the structure building. It is common maintenance problem in aging or older building and will occur on the reinforced concrete structure slab. The most common area to be happen will be at the roof slab, toilet’s area or wet area.

Cause of Spalling Concrete

The root cause to result of the spalling concrete surface on the structure slab may cause by combination factors such as poor workmanship during construction (  defects rebar etc), stress of the structure ( not follow design), leakages or damage of waterproofing, water seepage, debris or foreign object in the structure slab. The flaked concrete surface always caused worries to the occupier , if it is just a aesthetic issue and the problem is not serious, it could be just remove and making good. The main concern will be the structure damages where the reinforcing bars are deteriorated badly, or structure is over stress where the spalling will provide the first telling sign.

Spalling Concrete Repair on Ceiling

Sign of Spalling Concrete

  • The plaster surface is flaky out, bulging concrete surface and may break and loose in pieces.
  • Crack line appears
  • Peeling of paint surface

Do not under estimate the flaky surface of the concrete surface on the ceiling, the unsound concrete cover can be dropped down and hit the people with serious injured. If it is ceiling on the bedroom ( mostly if your unit is the highest floor and with roof slab above), the falling of the concrete piece to the bed may cause serious injured to the person.

Repair of Spalling Concrete Structure

After source and root cause of the spalling concrete has been established, Professional Engineer may need to involved to address the issues of the external stress, under design issues or workmanship problems. As for the water seepage issues, the sources of water shall be resolved before the concrete surface can be rectified.

Removed all the loose surface of the concrete, scrapped off the rusty surface of reinforcement, treat the reinforcement bar, add reinforcement bar if necessary, erect formwork and apply high strength pressure grout to protect the existing structure. Temporary propping and support may need to erect as advised by Professional Engineer.

After curing time and strength is achieved, the formwork and support can be removed and making good with skimming coat or paint finish.


The issues of spalling concrete may not be easily result or solve with first attempts if the root cause is not fully identified. Do not rush and get a easy way out in just repair plaster and repainting as they will reoccur over the time. Also, the first tell sign of crack line, flaky plaster shall not take it lightly and start monitoring the condition over the time to address the issue at early stage, as things beyond the serious cases, it will cause question on the structure integrity and affect the safety of the occupier.

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Spalling Concrete Repair On Ceiling

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