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Wall Crack Repair Your House or Building

Wall Crack Repair Your House or Building

Wall Crack Repair

Wall Crack Repair Your House or Building

This is quite annoying when you find some wall crack in your wall and not sure whether it is safe and to be alerted and get it to be repaired. Let’s explore what are the common wall crack repair is to be done when you do it yourself or get someone experience builder to fix for you.

Wall Crack Repair

  1. Repairing of Drywall Crack line

The commonly appeared of crack line is on the joints of the panels. Most commonly, the joints of the panel to the all joints by flexible mesh joint tape. If the crack line is due to be less framing support, it can shall be added additional support, otherwise, the crack line can be recover with mesh joint tape and follow by the gypsum cement ( eg. S11 stopping compound) . Once the surface is dry you can re-coat the joints with paint.

  1. Repair the Plaster Wall Cement

Hairline crack on the cement plaster or at the joints of interfacing of block wall and structure beam or columns are commonly found the crack line.

If the crack line is like spider web and not uniform, the likely is due to shrinkage of the cement plastering. The crack line can be turn severity on the external wall when water may penetrate in and result of de-bonded plaster and efflorescent take place.

As for the crack line appear along the interfacing area, the different movement and shrinkage of the two different parts will result of the crack line.

To deal with the plaster crack may be various depend on the severity of the crack. In generally, the crack line can be repaired by chipping the plaster, treat the surface with lath if needed, apply bonding agent and re-plaster with the cement. The surface shall later treat with suitable painting (whether external or internal plaster)

  1. Crack on the Structure Wall

Do not try to fix the crack on the concrete wall by your own and you shall get the experience contractor or engineer to inspect your reinforced concrete wall, column or beams if there is a cracked. The small crack on the bearing walls or column can be significant to indication of bad structural stability.

The remedial method is various depend on the cause of the crack. If a general crack due to damage, loose concrete or minor crack, it can be fixed with epoxy grouting or cement grouting. Pressure grouting machine with gauge will be used and shall be done by trained contractor.\

If your existing wall and ceiling where need it to be replastering and smoothen it before painting, you can call us for non-obligation site inspection and quotation in Singapore.

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Wall Crack Repair

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