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Fireproofing Intumescent Paint

Fireproofing Intumescent Paint

Looking for solution to protect your steel structure in fireproofing paint or intumescent paint? We have solution of applying fireproofing paint or fire retardant paint to protect your structure steel in one or two hour.


Intumescent Paint for Steel Structure

There are more structure is constructed in metal or steel design compare with last decades. The steel structure is in favour by and commonly use on roof structure, A& A ( additional and alteration) work and strengthening work for any additional structure members to be add on to the existing structure. However, fireproofing is required to be coated or spray on to protect the structure integrity.

By fireproofed the steel structure, with applied a protection coating, the structure can effectively  to prevent losing its load-bearing strength  when it is exposed to the fire.Do take note that different structure members may required different thickness which is depend on its function, profile, length, thickness and material used for the steel component to determine the thickness of paint. HP/A will be calculated to determine the structure steel to protect with fire rated hour and establish the thickness of the paint for the steel members.

Fireproofing Intumescent Paint


When need the Intumescent Paint

The fireproofing paint and intumescent paint is commonly use on steel structure work that expose and required aesthetic view to expose the steel profile. In some case, the existing condition is not able to accessible by equipment, and only painting method is most suitable, than fireproofing paint will be adopted. The maximum of fire proofing paint/ intumescent paint hour rating can be up to 2 hours.

Size and shape of steel structure can be easily used intumescent paint coated in roll/ brush or spray paint method. The surface texture and finishes will be varied the depend on the client requirement.

Steel staircase, expose beams and columns which is exposed and view by end users are widely use compare with vermiculite cementitious spray. In cases of space constraint on fire escape access, the thin film of fireproofing paint will be added advantages if compare with other form of fire rating protection.

Decorative Intumescent Paint

The other advantages of the intumescent paint compare with other method such as vermiculite spray is the coating can apply the required decorative finishes paint. Smooth paint finish to match existing wall and ceiling can be easily blend with building themes. There are option of water base or  solvent base paint where basically used only on internal and avoid exposed directly to weather to pro-long the life span of the protection coating.

Why Us

As we are the applicator of the fireproofing supplier and work closely with manufacturer and associates in many jobs, we have all the technical design, know how support to meet your fire requirement on FSSD and submission.

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Call our sale team to discuss more to choose the best fireproofing protection suits your needs,  request for the COC report and product catalogues.

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Fireproofing Intumescent Paint

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