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Fire Rate Partition Wall

Fire Rated Partition Wall

Building is consist of enveloped of wall surrounded the perimeter to protect the occupant in case of fire, it can be constructed in block wall, reinforced concrete wall or fire rated drywall partition. The design of fire rated partition or compartment wall/ ceiling shall be completed the guide line and standard by Professional Engineer.

Application of the Fire Rated Partition Dry Wall system

The fire rated drywall partition system or ceiling system is widely use in change of use for the building, additional & alteration, enclosure for the staircases, corridor, mezzanine floor, high rise building etc.

The advantages of the drywall fire rated partition

  • It is lightweight and easy to install when compare with block wall and reinforced concrete wall.
  • It can be used for wall partition, ceiling and floor.
  • Can be box up the ducting, cable trays, access panels etc.
  • Fast installation and neat on-site application

Fire Hour rating for the Partition Wall

The fire rated partition wall system is designed and tested by the manufacturer as accordance to the BS476 and AS 1530, ranging from 1 hour to 4 hour fire rating. The approved material and system will be issued of certificate of conformity ( COC).

The wall system is to designed and to be complied on the fire rating requirement from the sub-frame, main framing, insulation to the board.

The minimum thickness is from 100 mm to 300 mm thickness in wall which is depend on different material supplier.


Completion of Fire Rated Partition Wall

Despite the design drawings from the project consultants, the sequence of the installation and shall be inspected the inspector or recorded by the builder.

After completion of the work, the wall shall be inspected by the manufacturer’s inspector and DOC ( Declaration of Conformity) so that the document can be supported the RI inspection or TOP.

Fire Rated Partition Wall

Looking for fire rated system for your wall partition ?

Do not look others and ask for quotation from our sale team if your building or rooms are required to comply by the safety code of practices, or the application is to be carried out after post construction. The fire rated drywall system for wall or ceiling is critical concern on the safety escape purposes.

If you are required some one to confirm whether your existing wall is fire rated drywall, you may call us to verify and counter propose the installation option when you find it not compliance.

Ready to Talk or Ask ?

Talk to us for the quotation with no obligation today. We can assist you on the installation and compliance of the fire safety code based on the PE design. Drop us your feedback or enquiries.

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Fire Rated Partition Wall

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