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Construction Services

We are local builder that provide all related construction, renovation and reinstatement work for local customer, client and associates.

To understand more about our individual services and find more to follow the links below :

1. Reinstatement Services :

Reinstatement for office, shop unit, restaurant, HDB shop, retail shop, warehouse and industrial building etc.


2. Renovation Services :

Providing comprehensive renovation work from small to big renovation like additional and alteration of the existing house, shop and factory.

residential renovation singapore

3. Construction Services :

If you are looking for special trade contractor on your construction project, be it a civil structure trade, wet trade activities, fire proofing trade and architecture trade, we have the teams to undertake the job.

Structure work

4. Design & Build Services :

Looking for a builder to design and build for residential house, office space design, retail shop optimization to functionality use of factory unit. We have the solution.

LIVING Room Renovation


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2 Responses so far.

  1. Ivan Swa says:

    My company is looking into several works for a new production line that we are installing. The works include:
    1)Installation of New Handwash Area (Requires fabrication)
    2)Installation of new drainage points and connecting it to the existing main drainage.
    3)Rework of all electrical and installation of new power points.
    4)Removal and additional of existing Partion Wall.
    5)Installation of new exhaust system for production line.
    6)Installation of new exhaust pipes.

    Hopefully this is something that your company is able to take on, and we can set up an appointment at my location to run through on all the details of the project.

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