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Office Hacking

Office Hacking Need to move and shift your office? Whether you need a contractor or service that to remove and hack your old office, we have solution for you. Dismantle and remove existing drywall partition with insulation Dismantle and remove false ceiling or suspended ceiling Remove or hack existing floor finishes ( vinyl, carpet or […]

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Find Reinstatement Specialists

Find Reinstatement Specialists That’s always  challenge when  you need to find a specialists to get a job done in Singapore. Take an example of the reinstatement work for your office/ shop/ house/ commercial property. There are many company are providing general services and helping to get rids of the stuff and empty your unit. Due […]

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Reinstatement Services for Businesses

Reinstatement Services For Businesses There is always have a period when you need to reinstate your office and handover to your landlord or upgrade to a new office. Regardless to the reason of lease end or moving to new office or space, you may need a contractor to reinstate the existing business place and comply […]

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JTC office Reinstatement work

JTC Office Reinstatement Work When your lease for your office is end, you may need to return the premises back to the landlord. Our recent reinstatement work for our client is return the office cum warehouse which is about area of 2000 sf at JTC premises or currently manage by MapleTree  Industrial  at Kallang Way […]

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Reinstatement work for Learning Centre at HDB Premises

Reinstatement Work At HDB Premises A recent work done to dismantle and reinstate the existing learning centre which is occupied on the basement of the HDB premises which is located the west of Singapore. As the client has been renovated the existing premises with room partition for the learning centre and the floor are fully […]

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