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Cement Sand Screed Flooring

Cement Sand Screed Flooring

Cement Sand Screed Flooring

The bare cement grey colour flooring which is not finish ( raw cement finish) with floor tile is getting popular by a lot of owner.

The cement screed flooring finished with trowel smooth in ordinary Portland cement is required skill plasterer to do a good job. The thickness of cement screed flooring is required 30 to 50 mm thick to achieve the bonding strength and on unfinish concrete floor.

Cement Sand Screed Flooring

If the existing flooring is floor tile, it is required to to be hacked and remove prior topping up with cement.

There are basically two type cement floor screed process, it can be done with conventional cement sand screed or using pre-mixed cement screed flooring. As for HDB premises, the HDB has been imposed to all contractor to use pre-mixed cement screed to lay and ban the conventional way.

The benefits of using pre-mixed floor screed cement, the quality is controlled by just add water, easy to handling, minimize the dirty of the lift/ corridor during transportation. However, the cost of laying pre-mixed floor screed is more expensive when compare with the conventional cement floor method.

However, if you are very fussy with finishing quality, you may need to think twice when choosing of this floor finish. The short fall of cement sand screed finish is easy to have hair line crack, pot holes appear when it is damages by dropping objects, the floor may be sandy when it is not well maintain ( can consider to apply sealer coat on the floor).

To minimise the defects, the cement screed floor  shall do it on clean/ free of oily bare finish, using cement strengthening chemical ( eg.  W1 Chemical ), one operation of cement screed floor finishing and minimise / avoid the joints. If there is not way to avoid joints, consider to lay PVC inlay to break the flooring and allow the floor expansion.

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Cement Sand Screed Flooring

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