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Office Hacking

Office Hacking

Office Hacking

Need to move and shift your office?

Whether you need a contractor or service that to remove and hack your old office, we have solution for you.

  • Dismantle and remove existing drywall partition with insulation
  • Dismantle and remove false ceiling or suspended ceiling
  • Remove or hack existing floor finishes ( vinyl, carpet or tiles) up to bare concrete . Lower down 50 mm from existing FFL.
  • Dismantle and remove built in cabinet, fixtures, wall paneling.
  • Termination and remove power points, lighting with switch, telephone and data point, EM Lock, DB etc.
  • Making good wall and ceiling after dismantling work.
  • Dismantle and relocate work station.
  • Remove epoxy flooring and grinding off to bare cement.
  • Cleaning and buffing of vinyl or concrete flooring.
  • removing of air-condiotning
  • Reinstate fire sprinkle
  • Etc.

Office hacking



Depend on each management office and landlord, or your contract agreement, the extend of reinstatement your office can be subjected to final discussion.  However, each management office may have their specific rules and regulation guide line needed, it should provide to us for review.

We can assist on partial or full office reinstatement  and hand over the office in specific time.


Need to find our more can assist you in your office hacking work? Click below link.

Office Hacking

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