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Spiral Staircase in Brick

Spiral Staircase in Brick


There is always a demand when you need to build a staircase especially in spiral shape.

The spiral staircase can save space the nice in look and fit within your interior design. Wanna how can the spiral staircase can be?


spriral staircase design

With well thought of the space planning and design concept the spiral staircase can be added point for your interior design. The construction of spiral staircase is not limited only to reinforcement concrete ( RC), but it can be in steel, timber and even a block wall.

This is not kidding, as the below video clip is showing how the spiral staircase is constructed by used of hollow clay brick. This may not be happen to be constructed in Singapore as it may not “pass” the design load and undertake by the Engineer.


Build Spiral Staircase

Click the link below to watch the video :

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