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Electrician for Troubleshooting

Electrician for Troubleshooting

Electrician Troubleshooting

In various condition, most of office or warehouse or your shops may need trouble shooting and minor alteration due to additional requirement, changes, faulty and unknown circumstances.


Need an Electrical Work Advise

We can provide on site trouble shooting, non-obligation site survey for your new electrical work or re-wiring for power points, lighting points and other electrical work  advise.


Electrician Troubleshooting

Tripping  and Short Circuit Problems

This is common issue of electrical circuit tripping and burning smell when your wiring is overloading, wear and tear, damages, and aging. You may not be realize it until the issue is surface out as most of wiring is covered or concealed. A safe and good electrical practices is it is with good earthing and warning sign appear when it is always trip the DB, you should not delay in asking electrician to check the problems. The serious tripping may damage your appliances,  causing fire and disrupt your business operation.

If you facing any issue related below , just give us a call :

  • trouble shooting blackout issues
  • new wiring
  • re-wiring
  • Lan Point and telephone for your office needs
  • Temporary lighting and power sources
  • additional new light fitting, electrical power sockets, light switches, fan point, isolators etc.
  • reinstatement of the premises and handover to landlord or owner

Electrical wiring, trouble shooting, repair

Rewiring for your Office

In the existing wiring is more than 20 years, you may consider to re-wiring it instead of just repair  it. Most of time, during the rewiring work, the distribution board shall be changed and upgrade to your new requirement and better arrangement for your circuit.

To minimise the disruption of your business, the re-wiring work shall be done in stages and phases, the migration of the DB can be done over the weekend to ensure less down time for the work.


Electrician Troubleshooting

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